PEAR Square One Featured in Sporting Goods Intelligence and Urban Daddy

PEAR Sports’ debut product, the Square One, is featured in this week’s issue of Sporting Goods Intelligence. The article features a beautiful spread of the Square One, a product overview, discussion of retail partners and also includes a link to the PEAR Sports explainer video making it a comprehensive overview of PEAR’s innovative Training Intelligence™. Read the full length article here.

PEAR is also explained perfectly on in the article aptly titled, “PEAR Shaped–Like Strapping a Coach to Your Chest” and asks readers to,

“Imagine a team of professional distance-running gurus analyzing your every jog and sprint, goading you on and putting together a workout plan to make you better. Well, now you have exactly that. With the additional bonus of an iPod dock (although, to be fair, your toaster also docks your iPod these days).”

The Smackanistas love that the PEAR Square One keeps runners motivated and fired up to workout and reach their goals. From a personal standpoint, the women of SMACK! Media have some exciting goals of their own pushing them this spring! Eli set her Half Marathon PR last month and is training for the Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon–all one year after giving birth to her second son Luke. Shanna is also staying super fit with running and cross-fit after giving birth to her first child Adrianna. Sarah is coming back strong from an injury and  is looking forward to getting back into the activities she loves, while Morgan will be racing the 5k and 1500 on the track this spring!

What pushes you? Whatever it is Team SMACK! encourages you to get after it!