Fast and Fun: A Look at 48 Hours in the Life of a SMACKANISTA

SMACK! Media is not your average Marketing/PR Agency. The SMACKANISTAS (the women of SMACK! Media) are intelligent, driven, athletic, funny, balanced and beautiful. They’ve got it going on! So what really happens behind the scenes at SMACK! Media? One thing is for sure–everyday is unique, inspiring, fun and challenging. Here is a glimpse at 48 hours at SMACK! Media:

Thursday July 12, 2012

8am–Morgan gets up and goes for a run (she sure does love to run) before a quick shower and breakfast made by her awesome fiancé.

8:30 – Eli wakes her two boys up (well, 3 counting her husband), gets them fed, showered and ready for the day meanwhile clearing out her inbox and taking a couple phone calls.

9:45am–Morgan meets Eli at the SMACK! Media Headquarters which are complete with an ocean view! They hop into Eli’s car with bottles filled with Nuun Hydration. During the drive they catch up on Morgan’s recent engagement and wedding plans, take a few conference calls and discuss upcoming races.

11am–The ladies spend the morning with SHEEX discussing upcoming PR plans and campaigns for Olympic Athletes this summer. SHEEX supports Hyleas Fountain (Heptathlon, 2008 Silver Medalist) and Brad Walker (Pole Vault, American Record Holder) who will both represent the U.S. in London.

2pm–Lunch is held at a cozy fish house in Seal Beach. This was the first time Morgan met the SHEEX team and she especially loved talking about running and PR with CEO and Founder Michelle Marciniak, who is also a NCAA Final Four MVP, having led the Lady Vols to a couple National Championships.

3pm–Hoping that traffic would not be too bad, the SMACKANISTAS play “Name That Tune” on the 90’s radio station. It turns out Morgan’s 90’s pop music knowledge is non-existent and Eli gets a perfect score every time!

5:15pm–Eli and Morgan arrive back at Headquarters with just enough time for a workout before their next meeting. A quick ‘transition’ from sundresses to running gear and they hit trails for a beautiful and fun 45 minute run! Morgan’s easy run = Eli’s tempo run.

6:05pm–A quick shower and another wardrobe change and they dash out the door one more time for “Girl’s Night Out” with SMACKANISTA Sarah who is in town for the week to escape the summer heat of Tucson, AZ.

6:15pm–At Jake’s in Del Mar the SMACKANISTAS drink the best peach cocktails EVER, enjoy appetizers and a delicious meal and dig into some ridiculously delicious desserts–Creme Brule and Chocolate Lava Cake!

8pm–The ladies discuss how much fun they are having working with new clients Golf Sense and Rocktape, and how much they miss Shanna who was in Boulder hosting a Nuun Hydration Happy Hour. The rest of the conversation is “girl talk” and will remain confidential! Yes, you wish you were there!

9pm–The ladies go their separate ways to catch some beauty sleep for another day of action!

Friday July 13, 2012

7am–Once again Morgan is up to get her first run in before the day’s work! Even this early the humidity is out of control for San Diego which is know for its mild summers. It even rained!

10am–Morgan hits the road and heads out to the CrossFit Games at the Home depot Center in Carson to support our client Rocktape.

11am–Rocktape intern Andrew helps Morgan into the Games with an all-access pass and she is immediately immersed into the distinct culture of CrossFit. Everyone is extremely fit and muscular, paleo diet food is served (from fast food trucks) and everybody is scantily-dressed in workout gear.

11:15–Morgan runs into Olympic Weightlifter Holley Mangold, who is at the Games with Rocktape for interviews and an exhibition workout. The two blondes share a love for working out, eating and diet coke and had a blast while they hung out and waited for Holley’s workout.

11:30–At the Rocktape booth Morgan is introduced to founder Greg Van Den Dries who encourages her to explore the Games, check out the vendors and watch the master’s competition.

11:45–Wandering around the expo is a world apart from any running, cycling, multisport or fitness expo. CrossFit still has a very underground feel to it and popular items were kettle bells, cute workout clothes (that were labeled with CrossFit phrases like “Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body” and “Bacon”), protein drinks, beef Jerky and Paleo-energy bars.

Noon–The final portion of the Men’s Master’s competition is intense! The men flip tires and sprint back and forth in the arena until their time runs out. With the extreme heat and humidity this competition proves not only how fit these athlete’s are, but also is a test of will and mental strength.

12:15–Morgan spends some time learning about how to use Rocktape and is shown proper taping methods by the Rock Doc on hand at the Rocktape booth. Check out the Rocktape Video Page for more information and video tutorials.

1:45–Greg and Morgan interview Holley about training, using Rocktape and the Olympic experience. Holley is most looking forward to drinking beer at a real British pub–after she competes of course! Check out her warm-up weights!

2pm–Early afternoon is the time window to hit the highway and avoid the really bad traffic on the way home from LA, so Morgan wastes no time to grab a sandwhich and GO!

5pm–She makes it home with enough time for a quick change and then joins her training partner for an easy 6 mile run.

All in a day, or two, of work for a SMACKANISTA!