Rebel Desk Featured On The View


You may have read the headlines recently warning that “Sitting is the New Smoking!” Tory Johnson of Good Morning America was very concerned with these statistics as she used to spend 8-10 hours a day sitting, but things have changed…for the better. Tory has become a huge fan of the solution, Rebel Desk, the adjustable height standing desk that can be equipped with a walking treadmill, which Tory has been using to improve her health, fitness and positivity,  without disrupting the quality of her work. Moreover, Tory is now more energetic and efficient as she tells her audiences that she now walks 5-6 miles a day while still in her office! Tory was on The View  last Friday to talk about her amazing healthy lifestyle transformation documented in her new book, “The Shift.  The segment was unique as she invited Rosie O’Donnell and Nicole Wallace to walk alongside her on matching Rebel Desks and Rebel Treadmills while they discussed her weight loss, health and book.

Watch the full segment here under Guest Tory Johnson (“Good Morning America”) talks about her new book “The Shift.”

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