NEW SMACK CLIENT: A New Clean Form of Energy For Athletes

Calling all athletes: If you’re looking for a natural and steady stream of energy, say goodbye to energy drinks or shots that tend to give you a “spike” or “buzz.”  Instead, tune into Clean Energy Patch which offers a pure, more efficient form of natural energy for athletes and others in search of an edge or as we call it, a balanced “hum” that provides a base-level boost in energy and mental focus.


We are fired up to welcome Clean Energy Patch to the SMACK! Media client family (read the full press release announcement here). Even Eli who is a self-proclaimed “decaf girl” is loving the gentle hum of energy she gets during workouts and in the office without the major highs and lows typically associated with caffeine through coffee and energy drinks.

The press agrees as well, and both Gear Patrol and The Gear Caster are singing the praises of this discrete patch that’s ready to boost your workout and your day!

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So what is it? We love The Gear Caster’s run-down of ingredients and why they work:

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 6.18.32 PM

What’s more our team of professional athletes love that this product complies with World Anti-Doping Regulations:

Screen shot 2015-02-02 at 6.18.46 PM

So what are you waiting for? Save the coffee for a date with friends, ditch the sugary energy drinks altogether and try something designed with skin-based science and performance in mind before your next hard workout session!

Learn more or pick up a few patches here: