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Morgan joined SMACK! Media in 2011, just months after the company launch. and brings her writing skills, industry experience and lifelong participation in the endurance sports, outdoors and fitness world to SMACK! Media. While Morgan oversees accounts in all capacities from athlete management to Public Relation(ship)s™, she specializes in copywriting, PR, marketing strategy and content creation for blogs and articles. Her wit, creativity and ideation skills are interminable.

Morgan is a lifelong runner with two collegiate NAIA Track and Field All-American titles (10,000 meters), and has raced every distance from 400 meters to the marathon. She is an equally passionate outdoor enthusiast, and relishes opportunities to explore the backcountry while testing herself in pursuits that vary from mountaineering to cross-country skiing and rock climbing. A certified yoga instructor, Morgan is an advocate of balance whether that means chasing a mile race with carrot cake and a craft beer, spending quality time camping with her husband and two rescued puppies, or enjoying the beauty of even the stillest moments for inspiration and relaxation.