110% Play Harder Compression Trend Report

The latest Summer trend has been spotted on the fast and fierce ladies of the 2012 Reve Tour. The 110% Play HarderFlat Out Sox” and “Mercury Sox” that offer medical grade compression with style. The “Flat Out Sox” have zoned gradient compression for maximum support and circulation, and a unique design to protect your feet from wear and tear, and well, just rock the most stylin’ socks!

Despite climbing mountains and covering hundreds of miles daily the women still made time to pair their recovery clothing with their post-ride dresses for a look that screams “Sporty Summer” which pairs nicely with the Olympic-themed trend Vogue UK has proclaimed this year! Check out the latest Olympic style news on this link. Even designer Karl Lagerfeld is in on it with a new Olympic inspired line!

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David Green of 110% is setting a trend of his own–running a lot! Well, there’s a goal involved–he is running the Badwater Ultramarathon this weekend! 135 miles through brutal temperatures and some of the roughest terrain on earth. To prepare he, “averaged 88 miles for a month as my main training block with a maximum of 115 miles in one week.” David admits that the race doesn’t really start to get crazy until, “midnight when the coyotes start howling.”

We wish David the best of luck and you can read his full interview on the 110% Blog.