SMACK! Pack: Meet The Dogs of SMACK! Media


Never underestimate the power of puppies! Canine friends are loyal, loving, sit by our side as we work and then join us for “play” (and maybe even a workout!) The SMACKANISTAS are the proud “parents” of six adorable and unique dogs, who all also happen to love SMACK! Media clients as much as we do! We even included Brittany and Morgan’s puppies at our lunch meeting last week where they became instant friends!

Meet the entire SMACK! PACK:

The Originals


Samson, a 6-year old Blue Great Dane, and Chloe, a 5-year old Boxer, are the original SMACK! Media dogs. Sarah Lieneke has a big heart for furry friends and also takes the time each week to walk dogs at her local shelter.

What are your dogs favorite Outdoor Activities? Samson loves Sunbathing (he is kind of a diva), while Chloe loves leash wrangling!


Our Pups LOVE our clients just as much as we do, and they make for amazing testers.  After all, they need to be on board with who we represent! Below are their top picks:

Samson uses the Trigger Point Performance Massage Ball for a good foot rub.

sam foot massage[1]

“My fur-kids show me daily that unconditional love is the most amazing gift that a pet owner enjoys. They remind me that it shouldn’t be all work and no play when we head out for a mid-morning walk or a game of fetch in the backyard. On the other hand, they also remind me that 5:45am is the perfect time to get out of bed, regardless of the day.”

Puppy Sitting Love


Beau, a 5 month old yellow lab, belongs to Sara Hendershot’s parents, who she is lucky enough to puppy sit in between her Olympic caliber workouts and work at SMACK!


Favorite Activities? Beau loves going on walks in the snow.  He is always on the hunt for sticks and loves trying to carry sticks that are 3x his size!
Favorite SMACK! Media product: I caught him sniffing inside my 6 Pack Innovator the other day!


“Beau is an energetic little puppy that loves to play and chase his tail.  If he spends more than an hour playing outside, he gets so pooped out, and then becomes the greatest snuggle buddy ever.  He is my parent’s puppy but I’ve been lucky enough to dog sit a lot recently and it makes me so happy to have a friend around while I’m working from home!”

Track Puppies


Matty (“Matterhorn”) and Roam are 5 month old puppies with a special story. Morgan and her husband Sergio found four puppies abandoned (at less than four pounds each) in a box at the track parking lot on a 5 degree mountain morning. The animal shelter was closed that day so they took them home and nursed them back to health. After finding loving homes for the two boys, they decided to make Matty and  Roam (both girls) a permanent part of their pack.

Favorite Activities? Matty and Roam are mountain dogs with tons of energy and they love to be outdoors as much as possible! They love long 2 hour hikes (at 8,000 feet elevation), playing catch, hide and seek in sage brush and jumping in snow. We also took them on a trip to the Del Mar Dog Beach and they loved playing and swimming in the ocean for hours!


Favorite SMACK! Media product: After playing hard these girls love their sleep and they can’t get enough of SHEEX, especially the performance pillowcases. We always find them creeping their little heads up to the silky soft pillows when they want to sleep. They also like to rest on them when we take road trips (check out their cameo on this week’s SHEEX Blog)!

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 2.19.17 PM

“Matty and Roam changed my life the moment we rescued them from the cold. They remind me daily how precious life is and to always seize opportunities to help others. It’s impossible to take the little things too seriously when you have two playful companions making goofy faces at you and begging you to come play or cuddle. I can’t wait until they are old enough to run with us–they are going to be FAST!”

Better Than Gold


Mackay is a 12 week old Golden Retriever, weighing in at an adorable 12 pounds! Brittany convinced her husband Grant, who’s never had a dog before, to get a puppy and look at him now!


Favorite Activity: Mackay is learning how to fetch. She is a sweet little doll that is full of energy, but she also loves to cuddle after long naps!

Favorite SMACK! Media product: She loves to play with The Trigger Point Grid. It’s funny because it rolls away from her as she plays with it, although I don’t want her to have it for long as I use it daily to massage my muscles post-workout!

photo 3

“Mackay brings so much love and joy into our lives.  My husband and I feel like she is our little baby girl and we are so excited to have her as of our family.  She has the cutest face and her little droopy eyes make us melt.  We are so proud to say that she is already potty trained!”