Give Gratitude

We make it a weekly habit to share our goals and hopes for the week amongst the team of SMACKANISTAS to keep each other on track, accountable and to see where we can help one another out. Often this also includes things we are just plain excited or grateful for. This week, as we take some time to slow down and appreciate the basics so often taken for granted (family, food, warm shelter, health) we encouraged each other to share what we are most grateful for. While it is incredibly encouraging to make this a regular habit, taking some time this week especially to reflect on what matters most can help us all head into the hectic holidays with a sense of peace and joy. Here are our favorites:


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I am grateful for my health and family.

I am grateful for the opportunity to get to move into a new house that we are building and customizing for our family, every little detail, that even the boys help pick out, is our own. We plan to be in by March.

I am grateful to work with such an incredible team of women where we all motivate and support each other to always do our best, all the same help each other out and offer pep talks and advice for the tougher days.



I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue my lifelong dreams in career, running and adventure.

I am grateful for the incredible and encouraging people that are a part of my life : my husband Sergio (and the puppies), my family, the SMACKANISTAS, my coaches and teammates.

I am grateful to live in such a beautiful place where each day, no matter how “normal” it may be, has its own sense of magic!


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I’m grateful for the emotional support I have received from my family, friends and the SMACK! Media team as I work through finding a diagnosis for the pain that has kept me from regular training for many years. The emotional toll this process has taken on me has been great, but the understanding I have received helps me keep going.

I’m grateful for best friends, including my best buddy Samson. The power of a pet’s unconditional love amazes me.

I’m grateful everyday for the roof over my head and for the food and love that nourishes me. I never cease to feel incredibly lucky that my setbacks and problems pale in comparison to many in the world.



After dealing with a Navicular stress reaction last spring, I’m grateful for a healthy foot and pain free running.

As a transplant on the east coast, I’m grateful for a good support network of friends and teammates who have turned Boston into a city I now call “home.”

I’m grateful that Air Miles are a thing – they let me visit family regularly on the other side of the country.



I am thankful to be happy and healthy this Thanksgiving! Last year at this time, I was unable to sit without pain, I was unable to row for an indefinite amount of time, and I had no idea what the future held for me with rowing. Now I’m healthy, fit, and kicking butt with my new rowing partner and coaches!

I’m thankful that I was able to come home to the east coast to see my family this Thanksgiving.

I’m thankful that Mike has moved out to California with me so that we can be together and support each other in our new ventures!


Have a warm, relaxing and fun Thanksgiving and take a moment to soak it in and truly give thanks for what you have.