Case Studies

Our work speaks for itself.

We started working with TriggerPoint Therapy in 2009 when their only products were 2 compact rollers and a small ball created to roll out sore muscles. The term “foam roller” was barely known.


TriggerPoint was ready to launch their first major foam roller, and needed to do so with maximum media exposure not only for their product, but equally important, for the education on the benefits of foam rolling and how to use a foam roller for performance, recovery and pain relief.

SMACK! Media landed significant press exposure for what would quickly be known as the world-renown GRID Foam Roller.  Alongside press hits that ranged from Today Show to New York Times to GQ and Marie Claire (view Press Book here), we also helped develop partnerships with influencers and organizations such as Equinox, Ironman and the Go Pro Mountain Games.

Over a period of 9 years, SMACK! focused on continuing to communicate innovation and education across several product launches and a website education platform. As part of the product launches, we hosted intimate media events where editors and influencers got their sweat on and experienced the education and hands-on coaching from master trainers. These personal media connections and memorable endorphin-generating events led to significant and effective long-lasting coverage and a strong brand equity for TriggerPoint. In addition, we created customized media packages to share with media members who could not be at the launch events.

  • Total Impressions for the TriggerPoint VIBE Campaign: 250 Million
  • TriggerPoint VIBE coverage following product launch included:

FitVine was born when friends made a pact to craft amazing wines that also fit their active lifestyles.
On average, all FitVine wines have less than 0.09g of sugar, 118 calories,
and 3.9g of carbohydrates (per 5oz. glass).

Launched in 2013, FitVine has secured strong retail distribution across Whole Foods and wine stores, and looked to SMACK! Media for a brand refresh, web site relaunch, a stronger online community and influencers, content creation and media exposure. So yes, we basically almost revamped their marketing strategy and activation from top to bottom (We’ll drink to that!).

In 6 months, SMACK! Media refreshed FitVine’s branding and communications, relaunched the web site, developed a strong online influential community, generated newsletters, blog and social media strategy and content, and drove media exposure for this brilliant great-tasting clean wine.

Email subscriber list grew by 46.89% in 6 months, with optimized sign-up processes and improved branding and content

  • Email Subscribers as of July 2018 – 88,890
  • Email Subscribers as of January 2019 – 130,713
  • Instagram audience grew by 31.02% in 6 month, alongside growth in likes and quality comments.

In the PR realm, FitVine’s message about being a clean low sugar wine that’s still rich in flavor appeared in outlets such as Muscle & Fitness, HERS, Marie Claire, Sports Illustrated, Oxygen and the LA Times.

As the next evolution of recovery technology, the Marc Pro is an electrical muscle stimulation machine that improves and facilitates muscle performance by decreasing recovery time, soreness, and fatigue.


Marc Pro hired SMACK! Media to help develop an influencer/athlete program, generate media coverage and help drive traffic to the Marc Pro website.

We have worked to educate and share the Marc Pro device with a wide array of audiences—from elite athletes to travel outlets, to media covering unique gifts for top executives. With the Marc Pro team, we have shared the story of how life-changing the Marc Pro devices can be.

We have created engaging and strategic content including website blogs, athlete videos, coordinated athlete and product photoshoots, athletic trainer profiles, and more.

NuttZo is the original multi nut and seed butter brand, known for its 100% organic blend of 7 nuts and seeds used in their butters and bars. The philosophy at NuttZo is simple – low sugar, nutrient dense, delicious snacking with HEART. Every product NuttZo sells support its non-profit, Project Left Behind, helping neglected and orphaned children in India, Peru and Nepal.

NuttZo was a small start-up out of Southern California with limited retail distribution, branding that needed an upgrade and a product that no one had hear about. The founder had an incredibly heartfelt authentic story to tell about her mission, alongside her high end nut butters that had less than 1g of sugar yet were kid approved! NuttZo’s aesthetic brand needed a SMACK! and they were in need of media exposure.

Over the course of 1 year, SMACK! Media relaunched NuttZo’s web site with refreshed and more playful branding, rebranded the jars to stand out on grocery shelves, developed and launched in influencer program and got to work on telling the founder story, mission and getting NuttZo into more mouths.

New web site launched which helped secure greater grocery distribution and brand partnerships.New branding launched which also supported stronger sell-in and sell through at retailers such as Whole Foods Market.

NuttZo’s social media presence tripled in size due to influencers talking and posting about it. This also helped begin NuttZo’s very extensive recipe database which exists today.

NuttZo landed in over 50 media outlets with highlights that included profile stories in The Huffington Post, Good Housekeeping Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, SHAPE, Runner’s World, Bicycling Magazine, SELF, Women’s Health and numerous local Television and national segments.

In its 36th year, The St. Anthony’s Triathlon is the 2nd largest triathlon in the world and a leading destination triathlon.

Despite being one of the longest running triathlons, St. Anthony’s Triathlon was in need of a fresh approach to generate media awareness around the event and drive increased race registration.

With story angles ranging from a father who raced with 6 of his children to the 88 year old triathlon legend “Sister Madonna,” we focused on unique angles and feature stories that captivated audiences and shared more about the triathlon’s overall mission, inclusive of inspiring parents’ to get their kids to be more active.

We also led efforts to promote the race in unique ways, that included WAZE route integration, social media strategy, and key day-of-media information synced to QR codes.

Since SMACK! Media’s involvement with the St. Anthony’s Triathlon, race registration numbers have increased, along with more consistent media coverage leading to and following the event.

What our clients are saying…

The team at SMACK! Media is passionate, efficient, creative and always goes above and beyond. They helped us launch our company from a
messaging and branding standpoint, establish influencers, landed us significant
press and created valuable relationships for us that led to key growth and
distribution for us.

Danielle Livolsi, NuttZo Founder & CEO

Working with SMACK! Media is a breath of fresh air. Eli and her team knew exactly how to put TriggerPoint on the map as the
leading foam roller company in the world, and build long-term media relationships that consistently support the brand. With every product launch, media event,
and unique campaign, SMACK! always challenged the norm with ideas and media partnerships to deliver unparalleled results.

Janelle Ronquillo, TriggerPoint Performance Brand Manager