We have layers of corporate experience, relationships and connections, expertise in the science and language of health and fitness and an impressive track record.

Our clients are not just accounts to us, rather, partners that we are selective about and companies that we want to dive deep with, look the big picture, and work closely to refine brand identity, market position, and strategic marketing and PR plans. We elevate brand awareness through understanding, connection, creativity and impeccable execution.

We operate in a team atmosphere internally and with our clients, and want to win as much as you do. Read about the SMACK! philosophy and why we trademarked Public Relation(ship)s® here.


We build brands through relationship marketing. Whether it’s a new product launch plan, or an existing brand that needs to be invigorated, we have the resources and expertise to empower your brand to SMACK! the competition.

Brand Positioning
+ Development

It’s about perspective and how you “spin it” to reach the targeted audiences. We work with you to develop and communicate why your brand is different, better and sales worthy.


We’re experienced, passionate and committed publicists who know the right people and understand personalized attention. From branded content to crisis management, we know how to bend a reporter’s ear to generate memorable and impactful editorial placements.


We can be your on-demand resource to set your messaging or go-to-market strategy, mobilize your existing team, or execute a specific project. If you have a team in place, we can coach and advise them to help ensure success. From training new hires to acting as a sounding board, we support you as little or as much as you need.

Social Media
+ Digital Strategy

While we’re strong believers in face to face and eye contact, social media is integral to the overall success puzzle. We engage and listen to build a loyal audience that talks back and helps grow your brand.

Content Creation

Passion drives creativity and we produce content that spans across digital, video, design and photography to deliver impressions and ROI.


From launch parties to editor retreats, we create unique and memorable, yet budget-conscious events that provide a great press opportunity for editorial coverage and relationship building.