Behind The Lens: Clean Energy Patch Photo Shoot And Live Appearance On FOX 5


It was a fun and very productive shoot for Clean Energy Patch. We love this patch because it’s mild, natural and provides the right about of “hum” to keep us going all day. Our model and friend, Katie Dawers (pictured below), is also a mom and she said that she never felt that afternoon lull, rather, she kept cranking with word and her son’s activities throughout the day and loved that she never felt a jolt or spike.

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Even our favorite photographer John Segesta (in action above), who typically drinks 3 lattes to kick off the day loved the consistent energy the patch provided and asked for more as he has weeks of travel ahead of him. We have worked with John on several projects and love his work!

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We had a lot of fun shooting Laurenn Cutshaw (above) who also teaches Eli’s favorite spin class at FIT in Solana Beach. We shot at a fun CrossFit gym in Downtown San Diego called East Village CrossFit.


The last shoot of the day was at sunset at Sunset Cliffs and Alex (pictured above with Chrissy Russo of FOX 5), our handsome model who came to the news segment with us this morning, had an interesting take on the patch. He explains it well on the segment (watch it here) but basically said that he feels a lot more alert. He tends to drink coffee throughout the day and he wore the patch over the weekend and kept going strong, from gym workouts to errands to a night out. In other words, good bye Red Bull and Vodka! All of that sugar and those artificial ingredients aren’t good for you.

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Thanks to Chrissy Russo from Fox 5 for a great time on air this morning. We loved that she even did the weather forecast and entire news segment rockin’ the Clean Energy Patch.