Behind The Scenes With Crossover Symmetry (Photo Shoot)

By Sara Hendershot

I began using Crossover Symmetry during my long period of injury in 2013-2014 when I was struggling to stay healthy while rowing full time, and one of my biggest problems was rib stress fractures. I was introduced to the Crossover Symmetry system as a way to put my shoulders in a better position and therefore protect my ribs from injury. I stayed in touch with the amazing guys from their team while I was training and then reconnected right after I retired.

SMACK! media played an instrumental behind-the-scenes role at a recent Crossover Symmetry photo shoot–and I even got to be a model!

Our time with the Crossover Symmetry team for this 3-day photo/video shoot was incredibly valuable as we were able to help them create the branding and messaging for their website, promotional materials, and overall communications. It was also great to learn first hand and in person how they coach the shoulder movements to deepen our own knowledge of the system and to better develop our own shoulders!

Below are some of my favorite photos from the shoot:


Fenway Park: This was from a scouting trip I did around Boston the Friday before our Monday-Wednesday photo shoot. Crossover Symmetry was interested in shooting some unique city-scape shots and we went on a fun morning search for great iconic locations.

Door Attachment: This was from our apartment portion of the shoot. We wanted to display the ability to take this system on the road and for easy at home use.


Many of the photos were taken at CrossFit Tilt, one of the locations we shot at. All photographs by JJ Miller.

I continue to use Crossover Symmetry in my post-Olympic training now, and if you are dealing with shoulder pain, this should be your go-to program. Their system is used in over 1000 rehab clinics nationwide to rehab shoulders. With the new Crossover Symmetry online platform, you have the ability to go online and rehab and learn how to use the system at home, complete with a screening program that allows you to modify the exercises to your individual condition (the same system that medical professionals trust to rehab patients that include MLB players, PGA athletes, swimmers, and CrossFit athletes).

To get bulletproof shoulders of your own, please visit: and be sure to follow them on social media (twitter) and (Instagram).