Boosting Our Competitive Team Drive –Welcome Natasha LaBeaud Anzures To SMACK! Media

Our 2015 is off to an incredible start and we could not be more thrilled to add Natasha LaBeaud Anzures to our kick ass roster of Marketing and PR professionals who have the drive, work ethic, passion and talent to compete on and off the race course. Last week, we proudly announced our incredible team that also newly welcomes Joanna Murphy (professional runner for New Balance) who joins the team of Olympic rower Sara Hendershot, Vice President and elite runner Morgan Gonzalez and of course our fearless leader, founder and Ironwoman Eli Carlson! Read the full press release here.



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Natasha is a graduate of Georgetown University, has her Masters in Journalism from Georgetown and also is the Co-Founder (with her husband of 1 year who is also her coach) of a cool grassroots running project called 2nd Recess that supports youth running to help eliminate obesity and keep kids active on Tuesday evenings. How the heck does she juggle it all? Natasha has incredible time management skills and is known to hammer out her morning workout at 4 AM, get to work and then circle back after 5 PM for her second run of the day! You can read more about her training and unique schedule in this recent Union Tribune feature:


Some added tidbits about Natasha:

Favorite color: lime green

Nickname: “Tash” or “Tashy”

I absolutely love: rain!

Likes: To eat fresh figs before runs and salads for breakfast.

Dislikes: Flying


She also runs a 2:35 marathon and has qualified for Olympic Trials and World Championships on behalf of Canada. (Natasha probably doesn’t know that Elli went to high school in Canada and still says words like “tuke” and “mac machine.”) Natasha won the Carlsbad 1/2 last year with a time of 1:14 and recently finished 4th in Carlsbad. She has also qualified for Team Canada’s World Cross Country Championship team where she punched her ticket to compete at the Pan-American Games in Columbia (February) and the World Cross Country Championships in Beijing (March)!


We love that Natasha has raced at many of the same events as Morgan both collegiality a professionally and secretly hope that they can join Joanna in a race and SMACK! the competition to sweep the podium! Check them out racing together in the same photos! We believe in fate and these photos lead us to believe that this was meant to be!

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Natasha is intelligent, has an amazing work ethic, is an authentic representative for our clients and also has a fun and giddy side to her. Be sure to follow her on Twitter (@tashyrunner) and watch this space for more updates on all of the SMACKANISTAS!