Keep Your Feet Happy During The Workday With These Tips (Women’s Running)

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The best advice comes from real life experience. Prior to working with SMACK! Media, Morgan spent her days juggling work at a specialty running store and marathoning for extra cash! The result: a nasty case of plantar fasciitis. Fortunately she was able to kick this injury to the curb and she offers Women’s Running her foot health tips for anyone struggling to stay injury-free while maintaining a work/life balance. Read the full article on Women’s Running:

Interesting fact: Morgan began wearing currexSole and using Trigger Point during her days at the running store! The currexSole RUNPRO, Trigger Point MB1 Massage Ball and Zamst HA-1 Compression socks are all featured.

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And most importantly, commit yourself to taking steps mentioned in the article daily for several weeks (this is just an estimate, as it may take less time or longer). Once you begin to experience some relief—DON’T STOP! Continuing your foot health routine for several more weeks will be the key to keeping your feet healthy, happy and taking more walking (and especially running!) steps than ever before.