Keeping Up With The SMACKANISTAS: Spring Health and Fitness Goals

Spring is here and the SMACKANISTAS have fun, fitness and health on their minds and calendars. We all have some unique goals, that in addition to our exciting work at SMACK! Media and family life, drives us each out of bed each morning eager to get a jump start on the day!

Eli is currently training for the Rock n Roll San Diego Marathon, which will be her first since 2005! Since her last 26.2 mile race, she has run oodles of half marathons and birthed two amazing boys (she even PR’d in the half marathon 4 months after her second son Luke was born!) Her goal for Rock n Roll is to run it fast and healthy, and is taking more care of her body with post-run recovery: Nuun, Protein Shakes, 110% Compression and massages. (Check out her impressive recovery and multi-tasking above!)  Yoga is also a part of her weekly routine and she claims she “would have locked up hips without it.” It also relaxes her and after class she comes home “loose, refreshed, relaxed and ready to take on the world, (or well, dinner, the kids, and some more work)!”

Shanna, who ran collegiately at the University of Colorado Boulder, gave birth to daughter Adriana last year and Adriana turns one tomorrow, Friday the 13th! (Already?)
. In addition to balancing her demands as a mother and work at SMACK! Media, she stays fit with Crossfit and pushing Adriana in the jogging stroller on the beautiful trails of Boulder. This summer Shanna is looking towards a return to racing with the Hood to Coast Relay on her calendar. Held annually in Oregon, the event is a 199 mile 12 person relay that starts at Mt. Hood and finishes on the beautiful coastal town of Seaside.

Sarah is looking forward to getting her running back on track this year after dealing with some injuries that are all to common in endurance sports. Her goal is to get her mileage back up to a solid 25-30 miles a week. A triathlete at heart, Sarah also plans to include cycling into her training program. Her favorite route is a 26 mile climb to the top of Mt. Lemon in Tucson, AZ which she hopes to reach by Memorial Day!

Morgan runs for the pure joy of it (a bit of her inner-yogi spilling over) but she also loves to race fast and compete on the track. Her goals for the spring and summer are to race the 5K and 1500 at the endless track meets held in the beautiful weather of Southern California. She also looks forward to some fun traveling to go along with these races including trips to Berkley, Big Sur, Mexico City and Portland. Morgan credits her daily home-practice of yoga with keeping her body and mind in balance and healthy for running, work and life. She enjoys sharing this passion with her yoga students at the class she teaches once a week.