Rise and Shine! Eli Shares Her Morning Productivity Tips With Tech.co

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Want to make the most out of your day and increase productivity? Whether you are a morning person or not, having a solid AM routine and game plan will start you off on the right foot for success. Tech.co asked a variety of experienced entrepreneurs about how they start their day, including Eli (Founder of SMACK! Media) who shares her secrets to having high energy while juggling business, motherhood and fitness. Eli truly is an “early bird,” but her tips are sure to have even the most chronic users of the snooze button jumping to their feet in the mornings! Read the full article here.

Wake up Early, before the kids, before anyone else. You just get more done and do not have distractions.

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Workout right away. Don’t read email, don’t read the paper, just get up and go. It’s the perfect kickstart to the day and no excuses can be made.

Aside from working out almost every morning, I wake up and write down the names of 5 people I want to call that day. Everyone is so into email and texting these days and we all get behind, forget to answer that “flagged” email or work in silence. Picking up the phone and speaking to a person is “personal, efficient and it grows the relationship that you have with them.” Be it to discuss a proposal, call someone to let them know you were thinking about them or a quick rundown of priorities with a colleague, picking up the phone before you hit the morning email will add a lot of productivity to your day.


Post workout, eat something healthy such as a smoothie bowl made with avocado and greens or a breakfast salad. Who would have thought? A big bowl of greens topped with greens and veggies is awesome and keeps energy levels high.

Read the full article for more tips to start your day on a productive note. Whether you take on the morning hours at full throttle, or adopt even one or two of these tips, we guarantee you will see a positive change in your daily output, energy and overall satisfaction!