The Work Flow / Run Fast Balance. (Featured On Belle Lap)


We were first introduced to Belle Lap after founder Charlotte Browning published a delightful interview with Stephanie about her journey as a new professional runner. Her thoughtful articles, spot on themes and one of a kind graphics were true to the heart of both women’s running and what it means to truly be a strong, balanced and successful woman in any arena. We are honored to have an interview with SMACK! Media featured in Belle Lap’s incredible line up, with our crew of runners (Eli, Morgan, Natasha, Joanna and Stephanie) sharing what it takes to balance work, sport and life but also how they work together to create a power combo setting us up for results in each facet of our lives. (Full interview here.)

Read on for some of our favorite moments below:



Eli: What was your main objective behind starting your company? My main objective was to enjoy what I do and use my relationships to help connect incredible and authentic brands with other partners and people. I wanted to help companies grow in this way – via exposure, word of mouth, unique partnerships and ultimately, making more audiences aware of good health and fitness habits.


Morgan: How do you balance your run life with your work life? I am extremely focused on good time management. I seriously just do not waste time. If I’m running, I’m running. If I’m writing, I shut off my phone and lock myself in my office. If I’m sitting face to face with someone, I give them my full attention.


Joanna: What have you learned in your running career that you can apply to your work? To relax and have fun – performance of all kinds is best when you are enjoying what you’re doing.


Natasha: How does your work life complement your running career and vise-versa? My work gives me an outlet to think and find solutions with colleagues that are not always running-based. I like having diversity throughout my life so that I am not always thinking about splits, mileage, or what races are coming up next.


Stephanie: How have you adapted to your new role? With the help of an amazing team of women who know all too well how to seamlessly balance professional careers and athletic careers, I believe I have adjusted well to my new role. I have learned so much over the last two months working for SMACK! Media and I am beyond excited to continue this journey. As a Junior Account Manager, I have been collaborating with Nicole Smith, a Senior Account Manager, on a daily basis. I owe Nicole a major thank you for showing me the inner workings of SMACK! Media and sharing essential tips on how to navigate the world of PR.

Eli explains best how SMACK! sets ourselves apart from the competition: Our team and our real relationships. We have a very special team of pro and elite athletes who work hard and are respected in the world of health and wellness. We all work really well together. We also value relationships very much and it’s not always about business, rather, also about meeting incredible people along the way and being able to help others.

(Graphic design credit: Belle Lap)