You Make The Call: SMACK! Media’s Perspective On Press (Featuring currexSole in Outside Magazine)

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At SMACK! Media we take great satisfaction in pitching, securing and placing REAL stories for our clients. The types of editorial and features that make you stop and think and showcase how our clients are pioneers, innovators and game changers in their industry.


Outside Magazine kept it real in their latest online article, “The business of insoles: support system or rip-off.” It’s filled with controversy, scientific research and the bafflingly simple advice for runners to just “run in what’s comfortable,” which is the advice currexSole (the leading insole company in Europe) has given to runners for over a decade! We daresay it strips insoles out of the box and reveals a sexier side to your running shoes’ companions. But don’t take our word for it, read the full article and make an informed decision for yourself:

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