Shake Up Your Foam Rolling Routine With The TriggerPoint GRID VIBE

Looking for a beneficial twist on your current injury prevention and recovery routine using a foam roller? TriggerPoint takes the nearly religious practice of most devout athletes and fitness enthusiasts to the next level by incorporating vibration technology into their beloved roller for what they call the GRID VIBE.

The GRID VIBE’s vibration frequency is specifically calibrated at 33 hertz for optimal muscle relaxation, minimizing discomfort and allowing users to focus longer on foam rolling tender areas. Research shows that vibration decreases the body’s sensation of pain. When vibration is paired with TriggerPoint’s signature GRID pattern that mimics a massage therapist’s hands, fingers and fingertips, the GRID VIBE effectively targets more layers of tight muscle tissue. The GRID VIBE can be used by anyone for muscle recovery, injury prevention, improving athletic performance, pain management, or boosting overall body movement and mobility.

Pro middle distance runner and SMACKANISTA Stephanie Schappert put TriggerPoint’s ingenious creation to the test on the track and upped her post workout recovery “VIBES”.

Each GRID VIBE purchase includes exclusive access to TriggerPoint’s signature premium video education, a collection of six online videos demonstrating product use, techniques and tips to maximize foam rolling. “TriggerPoint is committed to robust research and extensive education to teach and uphold proper movement principles. Research and education continues to be a key differentiator for TriggerPoint as a leading movement brand,”says Marco Garsed, VP of Marketing for Implus.

The TriggerPoint GRID VIBE vibrating foam roller is cordless, rechargeable and holds up to 2 hours of power. At 12 inches long and 3.5 inches wide, the GRID VIBE is sized to roll and release large muscle groups and travel easily. The GRID VIBE retails for $99.99 and is available for purchase starting July 14 at