Breaking News! SMACK! Media Clients on the Press Podium!

If you’re anything like us, you have been glued to the TV and computer all week long catching as much of the Olympic action as possible. While you were hooked on Michael Phelps and the USA Gymnasts every move, SMACK! Media clients were earning some podium finishes of their own with some excellent press this week!

Nuun Hydration is featured in the Oprah Magazine Makeover Issue in a gorgeous spread touted as “Liquid Energy”. Oprah is not only one of the most famous and influential women in the world (period) but she also knows a thing or two about running being a marathoner herself!

The Runner by Clean Bottle is touted by Prevention Magazine as the one handed wonder that lets you “listen to music, check your apps and stay hydrated–all with one hand.” Not to mention the BPA-Free Clean Bottle stays fresh and gunk free! This will really come in handy as we add watching the Olympics LIVE during our free time to that ever growing to-do list this month!

No excuses–Gold Medal hydration, workouts and multi-tasking are essential and possible with these innovative products! While the Olympics are on your mind you may have noticed all of the tape that the Olympic Athletes are wearing–what is all of that? Well most athletes are not seriously injured and they are giving you a visible glimpse at one of their performance enhancing secrets. Check out this article written By SMACKANISTA Morgan for the popular sprinting/Track and Field Blog Speed Endurance for the run-down of why your favorite athlete is taped, why Rocktape is the premier brand of kinesiology tape and how it can help you with that nagging injury or to beat your personal best in your next race!