Give Injuries a SMACK! Our latest Press Hits Highlight Products That Fight Injuries

Meet your new training partners! The press has spoken and SMACK! Media clients are dishing out products that, along with smart training and proper recovery, can help you fight injuries!

Running Insight gives 110% Compression a thorough break down so you know exactly what ice+compression product will meet your training and recovery needs!

Running Insight praises the Trigger Point Grid and Grid Mini as a go-to self-massage tools to prevent injuries and loosen tight muscles.

The Grid by Trigger Point has been spotted in O Magazine as well!

Fitness and Women’s Running Magazine both trust Milestone Pod to track your mileage on your running and training shoes to ensure you only wear them within the expert recommended 300-500 mile range.

If you want many happy and injury free miles in your future, we suggest you get on board with 110%, Trigger Point Performance and Milestone Pod.