4 Easy Changes to Improve Health & Productivity

Working professionals tend to get caught up in the day to day grind at the expense of their health.  The deadlines at work can sometimes keep us at our desk, without movement and fueling on foods that aren’t ideal for our body. These 4 easy tips can help you feel better throughout the day, all whilst being more productive at work.

Have a clean and neat work area

A clean, organized space to work in has been proven to help productivity and reduce stress. Plus, it helps keep your area free of germs that tend to float around offices with a lot of people. The last thing you want at work is to catch a cold, especially when such viruses tend to go around when people are busy and overwhelmed by their schedules!

Set a time every week to wipe down and deep-clean your desk area. Additionally, when you leave every evening, aim to leave your space neat and tidy.  An decluttered work space makes for a decluttered mind, and you can do this in 5 minutes or less.

Be mindful of blue light

As you may already know, extended or extensive exposure to blue light can cause computer vision syndrome. The symptoms of this are eye strain, headaches, dry eyes, blurry vision, and even neck pain. For professionals that are often using computers and tablets, this can be a serious problem that affects overall wellbeing.

To help protect yourself from the harm of blue light try out glasses with lenses that filter blue light. (Warby Parker makes some affordable great ones, all while donating glasses to those in need every time a pair is purchased!) These glasses can help reduce the effects of computer vision syndrome so you don’t feel run down by a headache or pain mid-day.

Restrict caffeine and drink more water

Recent studies have shown that caffeine is actually healthier than it was once commonly believed to be. However, it’s still important to be mindful of just how much caffeine you’re consuming in a day. One cup of coffee or tea in the morning can have great benefits, like boosting mood and metabolism. But continuously drinking coffee throughout the day can cause a crash later in the day while you’re trying to be productive at work.

To keep your energy up after your cup of coffee, drink a lot of water and keep healthy snacks nearby such as nuts, jerky bars, fruit or low sugar granola bars. Remember, we are what we eat and it’s not difficult to make wise choices to stay energized and mitigate weight gain while at work.

Make sleep a priority

Unfortunately, not all companies provide napping areas… If yours does not, try to get the best rest you possibly can at night. Quality sleep is crucial to productivity and well-being, and will likely prevent that 2:30 PM slump.  Seven to eight hours is ideal for most. Additionally, sleep helps keep your creativity at a high, maintain your performance, and keeps your metabolism and digestive system working properly so your body can feel and look good. All of this is achievable because sleep allows your brain to recharge, allowing you to stay focused and organized.

If you have issues sleeping, try some teas that help promote sleep, reading or meditating before bed, or even consulting your doctor if you have serious issues.